Woman is excited about the results of her cheek filler.

Getting Cheeky: Do You Need Cheek Filler or Facial Plastic Surgery?

Fuller, firmer, more lifted cheeks are one of the most sought-after features in the world of facial plastic surgery. People from Phoenix, Chandler, and across Arizona visit my Scottsdale practice in search of plumper cheeks that reflect the youthfulness they feel inside. Fortunately, more options exist than ever for achieving spectacular results, including treatments that …

How Cheek Implants and Fillers Work

Cheek Augmentation With Implants or Fillers

A number of changes happen to your face as you age. Some are more obvious, like wrinkles or a loss of firmness to your skin. Others are less obvious, including a receding of the facial bones. When this occurs, your face loses definition in the chin, jaw, and cheek, resulting in a flatter look. Dr. …