Plastic Surgery

Real Changes. Naturally Beautiful Results.

Everyone wants to be beautiful and look their best, but no one wants to have that, “I’ve been worked on” look. That’s the difference of choosing Dr. Todd Hobgood for facial plastic surgery in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Hobgood is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who uses the most innovative and up-to-date cosmetic procedures known in the industry. And the best part is, the results are real and they look natural. Just check out our photo and video galleries and see for yourself. We provide our patients with astonishing improvements that add to each individual’s beauty, without looking fake or overdone.

Our facial plastic surgery patients, who visit from Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and other cities near Scottsdale, can expect to see significant changes in the areas they want to improve. They are constantly telling us that we’ve exceeded their goals. Dr. Hobgood uses only the most reliable and trusted techniques. He handpicks his capable staff and uses only the best anesthesia and materials. Why wouldn’t you trust your face to a board-certified facial plastic surgeon?

Surgical Procedures

Dr. Hobgood has dedicated his entire career to perfecting surgical procedures of the face and neck. As a nationally recognized and respected facial plastic surgeon, he has been asked to speak before his colleagues and members of the media about his approach to facial surgery that is both natural looking and requires very little recovery time. Surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty, facelift, or facial reconstruction are just a small sampling of procedures that are Dr. Hobgood’s forte. For rhinoplasty, Dr. Hobgood’s outcomes are exceptional. Click below to learn about all of the different surgical procedures Dr. Hobgood offers.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Dr. Hobgood has been active in the non-surgical side of facial procedures by keeping up his research and education in the industry. Recognized by his peers as an expert in the field, Dr. Hobgood is active in training physicians and medical professionals in the most modern and effective advances in facial plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Hobgood’s practice offers a wide variety of non-surgical facial procedures including:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Skin Care

As the largest organ in the body, it is crucial to keep your skin healthy and happy. Exposure to the sun and other environmental factors can create skin damage and overall stress. As part of his expertise in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hobgood takes the time to consult Chandler and Tempe-area patients about skin treatments that can make your skin more healthy and you more confident.

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