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QUIZ: Lip Flip vs. Fillers for Plump and Shapely Lips

If you're looking to add volume to your lips, you might be more familiar with dermal fillers than a lip flip. However, you should know that both procedures can give you plump, full-looking lips---but in very different ways. When choosing between the two treatments, you should look at your budget, desired results, the longevity of …

Comparing Your Lip Advancement Options

Comparing Your Lip Advancement Options

When people consider the effects of aging, an area that isn’t often considered is the lips. The truth is that your lips can lose a lot of tissue as you get older, causing them to look considerably thinner and less prominent on your face. The good news is that your lips don’t have to stay …

All You Need to Know About Lip Vermillion Advancement

Enhance Your Lips With Vermilion Advancement

Many celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, are well-known for their prominent and attractive lips. That's because when your lips are full, they contribute to the overall balance and allure of your face. Many people, particularly those around or past middle age, notice that their lips have become thinner and less noticeable. We offer lip vermilion …