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When choosing a facial plastic surgeon serving Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, it is important to first make sure that he or she is board certified. Checking out a surgeon’s credentials and gallery of real patient photos is also an essential preliminary step in deciding if he or she is the right fit. Though those resources are great ways to narrow down the selection, it’s sometimes nice to hear impartial reviews written by past patients to get a complete view of a surgeon.

We hope that these third-party perspectives can help you learn more about Dr. Todd Hobgood, his dedicated staff, and his practice as a whole. To meet with Dr. Hobgood personally, request a consultation online or call the office at (480) 214-9955.

If you would like to hear more from our patients, watch patient testimonials videos below.

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Selected reviews of Dr. Hobgood*

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Todd Hobgood, MD

*Your results may vary.

Selected reviews of Dr. Hobgood*

After an accident causing a lot of damage to my nose and septum, Dr Hobgood was recommended by my dentist, another highly competent medical professional. After consulting with Dr Hobgood, I decided he was the right person to help repair the damage to my nasal cavity. What a great decision! He was skillfully able to bring my breathing back to good again (I am still healing but can tell that after the soreness and swelling goes away, I will be good as new). I also felt very confident that I was in extremely good hands. His staff is also pretty wonderful — helpful, polite, and efficient. I highly recommend Dr Hobgood for your facial plastic surgery needs.

- Carol J.

Your search is over. You've found your surgeon in Dr. Hobgood. I couldn't be more thrilled with my face lift and dermabrasion. Just. Do. It.

- Laura C.

The changes that I wanted were so minimal, and it was important that I found a doctor who understood that and could accomplish that for me. Dr. Hobgood was so understanding of what I wanted. He worked with me to come up with a game plan that him and I BOTH agreed on. He is such a lovely person, and his staff was beyond accommodating to me. I am more than satisfied with my end result and the experience altogether. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood.

- Kendall S.

Ever since I was in middle school, I would get terrible sinus infections (sometimes up to six per year) that would never clear up with antibiotics, steroids, diet changes, or medicated sprays. My primary doctor suggested that I get a CT scan to see what was going on and it turned out I had a severely deviated septum along with other problems found within the structure of my nose (all preventing my nose from properly functioning). Since my primary doctor mentioned I'd likely need surgery to correct the problems with my nose, I began researching online all of the double board-certified ENT/ facial plastic surgeons in Arizona. I found Dr. Hobgood online and both his reviews and portfolio were outstanding. After seeing pictures of his work and reading all of his reviews, I knew I wanted Dr. Hobgood to be my surgeon. Dr. Hobgood took a lot of time to go over my case with me (it was a difficult case where most of my nose needed to be reset and restructured). Dr. Hobgood's combination of being extremely knowledgeable and having perfect bedside manner confirmed that he was the one that I wanted doing my procedure, so I went ahead and booked my surgery for a month out. The day of surgery, I was so nervous to go under anesthesia that I couldn't stop sobbing. Dr. Hobgood literally held my hand and calmed me down while my anesthesiologist (Dr. Addessi) put my IV in. Hours after I was out of surgery, Dr. Hobgood even called to check in on me to see how I was doing! I'm a month out now and I'm so glad that I got the septorhinoplasty done. Even though I'm still swollen, I can already breathe better than I could before the surgery and the cosmetic portion of the procedure that he did is pretty incredible. My septum had outgrown the rest of my nose (which caused my nose to be visibly crooked). Dr. Hobgood fixed all of that and gave me what looks like the nose I was supposed to have! I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood to anyone who's looking to improve the function of their nose or get any elective changes done!

- Anna M.

Dr Hobgood and his staff are the absolute best! Knowledgeable, patient and friendly. You won’t have any regrets with choosing him for whatever your needs are.

- Jane M.

I could not be happier that I decided to do my facelift and Co2 Laser with Dr. Hobgood. I spent a year meeting with various Plastic Surgeons and I finally decided on Dr. Hobgood. His experience, technique and manor were impressive. The night before surgery, Dr. Hobgood called me to make sure I was doing ok and to reassure me that everything would be fine. The next 2 days after the surgery, Dr. Hobgood reached out (on a weekend) to make sure I was doing ok. I had contacted the staff almost every day after my surgery as I had a few questions, they all were very supportive and always were so pleasant and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood for any plastic surgery you are considering, you won't be disappointed.

- Nancy L.

Dr Hobgood is an amazing doctor and surgeon. He spent a great deal of time explaining the details of the procedures I needed, and he answered every question. His bedside manner and level of patient service and support were superior. Add to that his expertise as a surgeon, and you have the perfect combination. I HIGHLY recommend him. He corrected my deviated septum and removed my turbinates to address severe breathing problems. His staff is also quite excellent and knowledgeable.

Ask about Mallory Buxton, who is a nurse concierge supporting Dr Hobgood's patients. She is an RN who can take you to your surgery, bring you home from surgery, get you all settled in and either stay with you or check on you at your desired frequency. She was amazing. And well worth her reasonable fees. I never had to bother my friends or family with help for post-surgery care.

- Martin M.

Dr. Hobgood has changed my life! I had always contemplated getting a nose job since I was in 7th grade and I knew the minute I met Dr. Hobgood that he would be the one to do it. If you've never met Dr. Hobgood before, he is the most charismatic, genuine, and personable doctor I've ever met (and I work in Pharmaceutical Sales, so I know a lot of them!)

I had a consultation with Dr. Hobgood back in February and knew all of the things I didn't like about my nose that I wanted changed and he pointed them out to me before I even brought it to his attention. He is EXTREMELY detail-oriented and a perfectionist- which is exactly what you deserve when undergoing any procedure to your face. The greatest thing I love about Dr. Hobgood is that he works with what you have and enhances it. You won't look like you've had any work done, but you'll look like you have the nose you were supposed to be born with. I have completely natural results and my nose fits my personality now... IM SO IN LOVE!

Dr. Hobgood is double-board certified, caring, a true artist, and only works on the neck and up. If you have ANY hesitations in scheduling a consultation, I urge you to just meet with Dr. Hobgood as you will feel completely at-ease like I did and so many others before me living with absolutely perfect results.

- Anais T.

Dr Hobgood is by far the best decision I have ever made for myself, since I was 14 years old I hated my nose, I used to be bullied for it in middle school and every day after 8th grade, I hated looking in the mirror because of my nose. It took awhile to learn self love, but still I wanted to get my nose done. At 25 years old I was finely ready and after 9 months of looking for a doctor I found Dr hobgood, to be honest after I read his reviews I knew right then I would pick him. My first appointment, he was exceptional, so polite, informed, professional and gave me an honest and real expectation for my outcome. I signed up for my surgery that same day.

The day of my surgery I was terrified but he was like a big brother and somehow I knew it would be just fine. The surgery went great like seriously it was amazing. The recovery was not bad either because my sisters took care of me for a whole week lol. My 1 week post opp getting my cast removed I tried so hard not to cry, but I did as soon as I got to my jeep. It was everything I had always wanted to look in the mirror and see. Setting here 3 months out writing this review I have to say it was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. And the most important decision I've ever made was going with Doctor Hobgood. You are extraordinary at what you do and from the bottom of my heart thank you because you changed my life.

- Destiny M.

I was referred to Dr Hobgood by my allergist. Within seconds of consulting with him, I knew he was the right doctor to perform my septoplasty. Dr Hobgood is not only incredibly personable, but he also does an amazing job! My surgery was quick, pleasant, and painless... All words that I couldn't imagine using to describe a surgery, but it's true. Although recovery lasted about 7-14 days, I wasn't in any pain throughout the process and I would describe it as extremely mild. Dr Hobgood's pre and post op paperwork was clear and the surgery center was perfect. Even on days when I was early to Dr Hobgood's office, I never had a wait. Last but not least, I am so happy with my results! I would recommend Dr Hobgood to anyone!

- Brittany L.

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Selected reviews of Dr. Hobgood*

Incredible experience. Not only is Dr. H extremely well versed in his field, he makes the whole process very understandable. He is also just a fabulous person and I looked forward to every appointment. You can't go wrong with him! I did a rhinoplasty with him and have never felt more confident and beautiful. Thank you!

- Nat

My experience with Dr. Hobgood and his staff was absolutely excellent, from initial consultation, through surgery and post-operative care. Prior to meeting with him, I suffered from chronic sinusitis, as well as a deviated septum and collapsed nasal valves. Several months have now passed since the operation (which mainly entailed septoplasty & sinus surgery), and I'm now breathing, and feeling better than ever. Thank you Dr. Hobgood!

- J.E.

I highly recommend Dr. Todd Hobgood and his friendly professional staff. After much research and consulting with 5 surgeons, I chose Dr. Hobgood to perform my face/neck/eyebrow lift. I am SO happy I did! My results are amazing, and it has only been 2 months since my procedure! If you are considering facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hobgood is the most capable, professional, ethical, meticulous, skillful surgeon you will find. I wish it was possible to give him more than 5 stars!!!

- Patricia

Dr. Hobgood is so knowledgeable, professional and very caring. I will never go anywhere else. He has a great sense of humor and makes one feel relaxed. I have been elsewhere previous to Dr. Hobgood and he repaired what the previous doctor messed up.

- Carla J.

Dr. Hobgood is one of the most professional physicians I have ever dealt with. He is kind, thorough and truly listens to you. I cannot imagine recommending anyone as highly as I do him. I had a facelift and am very pleased. He is never too busy to answer a question and makes himself available as needed. I would rate him as excellent!

- Val

Couldn't find a better doctor who is more skilled, professional and talented. He has outstanding social skills, is confident, engaging and concerned about his patients. We interviewed three other cosmetic surgeons from La Jolla, CA to Scottsdale, AZ prior to meeting Dr. Hobgood. However, once my husband and I met with Dr. Hobgood for a consultation, we knew he was the right surgeon to perform my face lift procedure. Couldn't be happier. Grateful to have met Dr. Hobgood.

- Amy W.

Dr Hobgood is the textbook definition of a Top Doc. I had a cancer event that required facial plastic surgery repair. Then, adding to the adventure, I ended up being a "challenging" healer. Cannot say enough about Dr. Hobgood's knowledge, professionalism, KINDNESS. I'm so glad my cancer doc sent me to Hobgood. Such a nice man on top of being an excellent doctor. Very hard to find these days. His staff is also the same, they are very supportive and positive. THANK YOU, so, so much...

- Jacqui C.

Dr. Hobgood is the best. He is an expert at what he does and if you choose him for surgery, you will not need to worry or second guess anything. He is also a great person and will spend time with you, make you laugh and feel comfortable. I would recommend him a million times over.

- Anonymous

Doctors like this are rare today. I was so overwhelmed with a decision I made elsewhere, before I knew better. I found Dr Hobgood through I had a very unfortunate experience elsewhere and my previous Dr was of no help in explaining why I was having the symptoms I was. I sought out the expertise of Dr Hobgood and he was very thorough in explaining to me what I was dealing with and how we could proceed should I choose that route. I certainly won’t go anywhere else in the future!!

- Mad4

Dr. Hobgood was very accessible...knowledgeable, kind, thorough, meticulous. He excels in all regards.

- Julia Mari

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Selected reviews of Dr. Hobgood*

Google Reviews

I cannot say enough about Dr. Hobgood and his team. Our consultation for rhinoplasty went very well. He was honest and answered all my questions. He is very knowledgeable with extensive experience. I felt very comfortable leaving the office. Dr. Hobgood is not only very kind but he displays amazing integrity. He is also sincere when it comes to knowing his patients. Once we had set a date for the surgery, he and his team were readily available to answer any questions I may have had prior to the procedure. The day of the procedure I found his bedside manner to be heartfelt. He displayed genuine attention. Dr. Hobgood and his team explained recovery very well and provided me with the information I needed, of course, as always available to answer any concerns I may have had. Just ask Ashley, I definitely called a bit and she was more than happy to answer my questions. The entire team has an amazing dynamic! Now the results: I am beyond satisfied with my results, though there is still some time for recovery I have no doubt I will be completely elated. I am with new confidence and I couldn’t be happier!

- Cristina Zavala

If you are considering ANY type of facial plastic surgery, Dr Hobgood is the ONE and ONLY surgeon to consider. I had rhinoplasty surgery and am SO happy and satisfied with the results. He is an expert in his field with the most impressive training and credentials. But most importantly he is an excellent surgeon and an artist. Dr Hobgood called me the evening of my surgery at home to see how I was doing. He called the next day. He saw me a few days after. I had a question a week after my surgery and he responded to my text within an hour or so. He is very responsive, and his bedside manner is the best I have seen. He is such a nice, kind and caring man. I would not trust my face to anyone else in the Valley

- MomZJ

Besides the amazing results of my nose surgery, Dr. Hobgood was another wonderful experience himself. His constant positive energy and reassurance that whatever decision I made would be supported was much appreciated, given I was initially very self-conscious about the procedure. But, because of his positive nature, I learned that this new transformation of my face was also a transformation of my perception of myself. I initially planned on being very secretive and reclusive of the procedure - never did I imagine I would admit it on a review! But, it was thanks to his support that I was able to overcome that insecurity and be content that, this was just a change in life I shouldn't be ashamed of. Thank you Dr. Hobgood :D

- Dnewell316 David Newell

Dr Hobgood and his staff were amazing!!! I knew from the moment I meet him, he was the one I wanted to do my surgery. He made me feel so comfortable and he knew exactly what I wanted; and what my goals were. The one thing that helped me select Dr Hobgood was how he truly cares about his patients and what they want. He exceeded my expectations and more!! I honestly could not have asked for anyone better! He gave me a new start on life; and I will forever be grateful!!!!

- Monique Cordova

Words cannot express how VERY GREATFUL I am to Dr Hobgood!!! He took care of my daughter like she was his own. The same goes for his staff. They are all so very helpful, & so WONDERFULLY AMAZING as well!! Dr Hobgood performed Rhinoplasty surgery on my 19-year-old daughter that exceeded our expectations. Not only is she extremely happy with her results; but we as her parents, have our loving, caring, full of life daughter!! This procedure has given our daughter a new beginning on life in more ways than you’ll ever know! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH DR HOBGOOD & STAFF!!!!!! If we could give you a million stars (it only goes up to 5), we definitely would! I HIGHLY recommend Dr Hobgood!!! He is PHENOMENAL in every way!!!!!

- Sophia Cordova

Dr Todd Hobgood is not only excellent at what he does, he is the most wonderful, warmest, full hearted and full of compation Dr I think I have ever met. Today he had to reconstruct the right quadrant between my lip and nose after having Mohs procedure to remove the skin cancer I had due to my love of the sun. Through the entire procedure, he kept me calm by talking to me and giving me positive thoughts. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a facial plastic surgeon. THANK YOU Dr Hobgood. You can even make me smile when I physically can’t.

- Tara Pigue

I’ll say this once, then I’ll say it two more times...Dr. Hobgood is an angel wearing scrubs.

- Samantha Sizemore

I knew I wanted to go to Dr. Hobgood for my rhinoplasty before any consultations. His competence, qualifications, and specialization in facial plastic surgery made me feel comfortable. His office is clean and feels much more "homey" than other Scottsdale surgeon offices. Dr. Hobgood and his staff are always kind and welcoming. Dr. Hobgood has the best bedside manner! At the consultation and before surgery, he explained in detail what would be done to my nose and what to expect. He made me feel confident going into surgery and personally called later in the day after surgery to check up on me. He has answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. I am happy with my results and my choice to go to Dr. Hobgood. Hobby definitely "nose" best!

- Jordan C

Dr. Hobgood and his team are honestly amazing. From start to finish they made me feel so welcomed. I had a rhinoplasty procedure that has made me a thousand times more confident with the way I look, and I owe it all to Dr. Hobgood. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone!

- Sarah G

To make a long story short, Dr. Hobgood corrected my deviated septum after others had tried and failed. He is very competent at what he does along with a very good bedside manner. My first real septoplasty surgery was painful (splints) and I bled for 2 months. It also did not fix the problem. With Dr. Hobgood, there was no packing or splints, I bled for a little over a week, it was never very painful, and I was breathing out of both sides of my nose (even with the swelling). I could not be happier and would definitely recommend anyone who needs a septoplasty goes to Dr. Hobgood because he will get it done right the first time with the fastest and least painful recovery.

- Jon Cooper

*Your results may vary.

Selected reviews of Dr. Hobgood*

Before having nose surgery with a chin implant and chin liposuction, Scott had a lot of questions. He felt at ease when talking to Dr. Hobgood and his staff about any of his issues or concerns. Scott appreciated that Dr. Hobgood was open, straightforward, and professional and that his results look very natural.

- Scott

The last thing Debbie wanted to hear after her facial rejuvenation was, “Who is your surgeon?” She wanted to refresh her face but look natural afterwards. Dr. Hobgood listened to Debbie’s concerns and helped her achieve her desired results.

- Debbie

Prior to her rhinoplasty surgery, Raeann was worried about going under general anesthesia. She was also worried that she wouldn’t look like herself after surgery. Dr. Hobgood’s patient care, impressive skill, and years of experience gave her peace of mind.

- Raeann

Undergoing rhinoplasty surgery was a 4-year process for Ashley. She did extensive research before choosing Dr. Hobgood as her surgeon, and couldn’t be happier with her quality of care and her results.

- Ashley

Dr. Todd was the second doctor I met with to discuss a potential rhinoplasty procedure. I realized without hesitation after meeting with him that if I was going to have the procedure, he was going to be my surgeon. After many years of feeling like my nose was a foreign object on my face, I now do not waste energy worrying about how to hide it. I finally like my nose, it fits my face and doesn’t feel at all unnatural. I feel like it’s the nose I was born with. The result Dr. Todd achieved is exactly what I had envisioned and hoped for, and I am grateful for his genuine caring and respect for my concerns and wishes, and his honesty about the procedure and what to expect.

- Anne

….I don’t believe I expressed how happy I am at our last appointment. I am thrilled each time I look in the mirror and do not see that tired looking face from a year ago looking back at me! Thank you very much for doing such wonderful work! [My husband] and I both think you are a caring and an exceptionally skilled surgeon. How fortunate the practice is in Phoenix to have someone of your caliber joining their team.

- Brenda

Before I had my procedures done, I had been very self conscious of my side profile. I thought about it all the time, and I felt really flawed. I finally made the decision to have the surgery and I’m glad I did. I no longer worry about my side profile, and people know something changed about me, but they don’t know what did. They just know I look better….I really do now have a boosted self confidence because I am not preoccupied by my appearance. I don’t think I could ever thank you enough.

- Amy

I highly recommend Dr. Hobgood as a doctor for your needs regarding facial plastic surgery. My skin cancer doctor suggested that [Dr. Hobgood] may be able to perform a deep skin peel or laser to improve my appearance and help prevent recurrences of future skin cancers.

Dr. Hobgood is a rare type of doctor. He really takes an interest in his patients. He has made several calls to my home to personally check on me; most of these calls were made on his own time either in the evenings or on the weekend. He tries to adjust his schedule to make it easier to see the people who need to see him. If you are looking for a skilled and caring doctor, look no further. Dr. Todd is number one! I just wish he were still in Columbus.

- Adrienne

You are such an amazing doctor, and really treated us as not just patients, but you really got to know us on an individual level. We are both doing very well, and Rachel’s nose is gorgeous. She absolutely loves it!

- Rachel and Renee

Your concern and attention were very much appreciated and helped me through difficult times. I am very pleased with my results both in terms of piece of mind and the cosmetic result. I wish that all physicians were as caring and committed as you are to your patients and I would, without any hesitation, recommend you to others. You are an excellent surgeon and a very nice person.

- Laurie

*Your results may vary.

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