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Are you wondering how to choose the best facial plastic surgery practice near you? Read reviews of facial plastic surgeons serving Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ. In addition to checking credentials and looking at before-and-after photos, reading real patients’ impartial reviews help you get a complete and unbiased view of the experiences and results you can expect.

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Very happy with the results - it was worth the wait I have always disliked my nose, specifically the nostrils. It took me years to get the courage to go forward with this procedure because I was very concerned about the complexity and I needed to find the right doctor. As soon as I met Dr. Hobgood, I knew he was the one. He explained the procedure to me in detail and set realistic expectations. You can just tell after talking to him that he knows what he is doing - he is confident but not arrogant. I had to wait a long time for my pre-op appointment and surgery, but it was worth the wait. There is a reason that Dr. Hobgood's schedule is booked for months. After my procedure he followed-up with me to see how I was doing, and I did have a couple of concerns in the days after the surgery that he was more than willing to address. I called him directly and he answered my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Hobgood. He is a kind and talented doctor.

Great experience - only regret is not doing it sooner! I wanted a rhinoplasty to fix asymmetry of nose, and the side view of nostrils, bulbous tip, hanging columella (sp?). Basically my nose was awful. I also had a lower bleth for the bags under my eyes. Overall the experience was great with Dr Hobgood and his entire team. From start to finish the Ferrari of plastic surgeons and wonderful top-notch team. The final after is day 30. As you likely know, it takes several months for the tip swelling to subside, so I will update this more! Overall I'm very happy.

A better version of myself now that I'm in my mid 60s It's been 6 months since my facial procedures and so very happy with the results. If there were more stars to give I definitely would. Dr. Hobgood and his very knowledgeable and helpful team made the experience open and upfront with what my expectations should be. The whole process has been actually easier than I thought and very comfortable. Each team member has been professional and helpful at every turn. The follow-up the night before and after the procedures by the doctor via phone was reassuring and comforting. Dr. Hobgood understood my want to just be a better version of myself now that I'm in my mid 60's. He is very personable and took the time to listen to what I was wanting to achieve. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. He also came highly recommended by two friends. I now understand those accolades!

1 week post op - extremely happy with results despite swelling I received rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation 1 week ago from Dr. Hobgood. If I could give more then 5 stars I would. Throughout this entire process I was treated so kindly by not only Dr. Hobgood but also by his entire staff. He was so informative and answered all of my questions and addressed everything I was nervous about in great detail. I researched this extensively and went to 3 different consults before choosing him because he just made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. I am one week post opp and so far extremely happy with my results even with my swollen face. I know Dr. Hobgood is extremally busy and is likely spread very thin so the fact that he took the time to call me the day before surgery and the day after and continued to follow up throughout the week I felt was above and beyond. So a big thank you to him and his team for the outstanding service and kindness they provided.

The best - he is meticulous and genuinely cares about every single patient The best. Period. I work in multiple surgery centers in the area for a different specialty, and when I asked around staff who was the best in the area for anything in facial surgery every single person had Dr. Hobgood at the top of their list. He is meticulous and genuinely cares about every single patient. Everyone at his office is amazing and so kind. Finding him and going through with the surgery I waited years for is one of the best decisions I made.

Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty As a 21 year old, I have been wanting a Rhinoplasty since I was 11 years old. I finally had the courage to consult with a few plastic surgeons ranging from Beverly Hills to Las Vegas, but I didn't feel comfortable and confident enough to go through with the surgery after their consultations until I miraculously came across Dr. Todd Hobgood. As soon as I met with him at the consultation, i felt a sense of relief and all of my nerves diminished. He actually listened to everything I had to say as if I was his only patient. Not to mention he knew things about my nose that even myself and the other surgeons did not know or point out. After the surgery, I instantly knew I made the best decision of my life and that I was in good hands. The recovery process was better than I could ever imagine, I had VERY minimal pain and bruising and Dr. Hobgood personally called and checked up on me to ensure I was doing ok even though he knew how well he did and how well I was doing. My nose turned out to be better than I expected, even with the swelling. It is an amazing feeling to say I have a actual cute functioning nose. I am honestly shocked that he does not have more recognition than he does, he deserves to have his own tv show! I will never forget Dr. Hobgood and what he has done for me; I will be forever grateful. I cannot thank you enough Todd Christopher Hobgood!

Best Facial Plastic Surgeon! So I'm not big on leaving reviews but my results most definitely have warranted one. So I'll give you guys a quick summary on why I chose Dr.Hobgood for my rhinoplasty revision. About a year ago I had primary rhinoplasty and the results were far less than desirable which caused a lot of mental and emotional distress the symmetry was not there and from Day 1 of taking the cast off, I knew that it was not going to be ok. He shaved way too much of my bone so my profile was what they called "Polly-beak". So after months of hoping it was going to get better nothing happened it still looked "off". So I decided on the 10th month after my primary rhinoplasty to start consultations with facial plastic surgeons so when my one year mark came I would be able to fix it. Now I live in Las Vegas and I wanted to chose a surgeon who just did facial work I looked up double board certified facial plastic surgeons in Las Vegas Phoenix and Los Angeles and I saw great work by Dr.Hobgood. Dr.Hobgood was my first consultation and then I had two other in Los Angeles. I didn't really find a doctor I was that comfortable with in Vegas to handle my case. So the reason why I chose Dr.Hobgood over the two other doctors that I saw was that from the start of the consultation I knew that Hobgood was an expert in his field and he just comes across extremely genuine, kind, honest, and knowledgeable. He also is honest by telling you there is no such thing as perfection (because what is perfection to start with) but there are major improvements that we can make.He was not pushy at all and I felt like a revision was not necessarily needed but if I wanted a more structured appearance then that we could work on. He talked me through those improvements which were building my dorsal which will get rid of that "Polly-beak" and that will provide me with a more masculine and structured appearance. He explained to me why my nose in my primary rhinoplasty did that exhibit the results that were intended and that was because I have thicker skin and there are certain ways my nose cannot look like. That's why I chose him because he stood out to me he is just realistic and honest and wants to give you the best improvements that fit your face with the most natural looking outcome!! And of course, that's what the outcome was !! I am two weeks postop and I am so ecstatic about the results like completely different from my primary rhinoplasty when I just wanted to be a hermit even months after. My nose looks so good it has that sharp profile that I was looking for and I CANNOT wait to see how better its going to look in 6 months from now when most of the swelling has gone down. His staff is extremely nice and the whole experience was carefree and stress-free because I knew I was in good hands. If I ever have any inquiries about a future procedure regarding a facial cosmetic surgery Dr.Todd Hobgood is my guy! His name should be Dr. Todd Good-nose because I could not have asked for better results !! You can see my profile is straight unlike the other picture where it's scooped in on the bridge of the nose. This is with a cartilage implant harvest with ear cartilage. Still healing I have thick skin, so I'm extremely eager to view final results in a years time

Topnotch Experience with Dr. Hobgood. In the words of my husband as we were leaving my postoperative appointment, "Man, Dr. Hobgood is the absolute perfect example of what/how a doctor should be". It's beyond true. Not only is he a talent and knowledgeable surgeon, his bedside manner and care for his patients is absolutely topnotch. I am so beyond thrilled that I found him for my surgery.

Excellent Experience. Dr. Hobgood and his staff are wonderful. As a physician myself, I searched out who I thought would be the best for the procedure I desired and I was not disappointed. Dr. Hobgood is very thorough and my procedure was what I expected. The staff is delightful; always positive and ready to be of service. The office runs on time and I never felt rushed. This office is truly a team that is amazing.

Rhinoplasty - Amazing I had a primary cosmetic rhinoplasty with Dr. Hobgood on 4/13/18. After doing some online research on plastic surgeons, my consultation with him went well. He will thoroughly explain what he is going to do. He was even kind enough to give me his cell phone number if any additional questions came up. Fortunately, I didn't need to have a picture ready or idea of what I wanted my nose to look like, I just wanted it to be natural(but better) and he doesn't need a picture of someone else's nose to understand what will look fitting and natural on your face. He does not use photo imaging which was not important to me. Dr. Hobgood personally called me the night before surgery to discuss any concerns, which I thought was nice as there is obviously some anxiety that goes along with surgery! The day before surgery I started taking Keflex, which caused me to vomit throughout the day the day before surgery. Despite some nerves I showed up for surgery at the (very nice) Surgery Center of Gilbert and it was a surprisingly easy and fast process - I was prepped in no time, my anesthesiologist and nurses were great. (They do not utilize nurse anesthetists, which I was happy about.) Dr. Hobgood is very calming and reassuring - he is clearly very experienced at what he does and at dealing with people. He spoke with my husband after the procedure in detail about how it went. I was out of there in no time and was surprised to find I could breathe out of my nose immediately! Thankfully I did not have packing. I has very little numbness at the tip of my nose which is resolving. My throat was sore from the breathing tube which got better in about a day. I was given demerol, a pain medication in my muscle after surgery. I did NOT use any prescription pain medication, but did take tylenol the first day after surgery for extremely minimal discomfort. Day 2 after surgery I essentially felt "back to normal" besides some bruising and swelling. I continued to rinse my nostrils with saline and hydrogen peroxide and cover with ointment per instructions. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get away with this being SO easy! Day 3, the bruising and swelling started to improve. Both the surgery center and Dr. Hobgood's MA called me the week after surgery to check in. A few weeks after surgery, it was like I forgot I had even had surgery at all. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood for a rhinoplasty!

Selected reviews of Dr. Hobgood*

it's been almost 5 months after my rhinoplasty and I couldn't be more in love with my nose. Growing up I've always been insecure of it. In an effort to try and mask my nose's flaws I would contour it, edit pictures or try to divert attention from it. Unfortunately, this never solved my problem so I knew I had to do something about it.

Fast forward to last March at my consultation with Dr. Hobgood. I love that he knew exactly what I wanted before I even explained. He was straightforward, honest and caring. Immediately I could tell he was an expert in what he does just by conversing with him.

Before the actual procedure I was extremely nervous ( it's your face you know?) As soon as Dr. Hobgood came in to check on me, I broke down. He made me feel so comfortable and eased my mind. The procedure itself went by fast. The recovery wasn't painful, it was just annoying (breathing out of your mouth, sleeping face up).

I had my rhinoplasty in May and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've ever made. It usually takes a year for a rhinoplasty to fully heal so I'm very excited to see what it will look like then. My nose finally compliments my face. If you want NATURAL results I highly recommend Dr. Hobgood. He won't give you the standard Instagram nose, he works with your features in order to give you the nose that you were meant to have. Thank you Dr. Hobgood, I've never felt more confident about myself than I do now.

- Alison S, October 2019

Dr. Hobgood is THE BEST. Kind and compassionate, he has a perfect eye for facial aesthetics (he specializes in faces only) and is extremely knowledgeable in current procedures (attends and presents at conferences). His office staff is friendly and efficient. Dr. Hobgood has my unreserved recommendation!

- Isabelle T, January 2019

My whole experience with Dr. Hobgood and his team was five star. From the consultation, where he approached my needs conservatively, but still met all of my expectations. To the surgery and after care. My results look natural and achieved exactly what I was looking for. My pain was minimal, and my questions and concerns were always met with compassion and importance. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood to anyone looking for high quality facial plastic surgery and care. My chin looks amazing, changed my profile to exactly what I was looking for!!

- Leisha J, December 2018

I was referred to Dr. Hobgood by my niece and after seeing her eyelid surgery, I knew he was the surgeon for me. From the initial consultation with Dr. Hobgood till now (4 weeks post-op) - I am in awe of the outcome. I had extreme baggage on my lower eyelids and no upper eyelids. Dr. Hobgood is not only a gifted surgeon but he is so personal and caring. He informed me every step of the way and listened to my concerns. His staff is totally amazing as well. Everyone is professional and truly cares about each patient. I can't wait to see the end result but each day the outcome just gets better and better. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood for any surgical procedures you are thinking of having done.

- Helen W, November 2018

I came to Dr. Hobgood with a difficult case that three previous surgeries (with a Mayo Clinic trained surgeon) failed to solve. Dr. Hobgood confidently took me (and my nose) on, and I now look and breathe so much better. I never expected such life changing results - I truly don't believe any other doctor could have pulled it off. I also respect his great bedside manner. Thank you for improving my whole life!!

- Michelle K, October 2019

Dr. Hobgood and his staff are truly amazing! After researching surgeons and speaking to others who used Doc, I chose him to perform my surgery for a deviated septum which had been causing me problems and I am so glad I did...his years of experience and double board certification(s) were evident and contributed greatly to my successful outcome.

From the first moment I placed a telephone call to his office for a consultation until present day, he and his staff set the bar for exceptional service in the medical field. The level of professionalism exuded by Dr. Hobgood, Ashley and Launa are second to none - you always get through on the telephone; someone is always available to answer your questions; appointment times are punctual; surgery is flawless; and paperwork is always completed without error.

Specific to Dr. Hobgood, he is the greatest....kind, confident yet realistic, positive, energetic, precise, and a person who not only takes pride in his work, but a surgeon who truly cares about his patients! Further, he only surrounds himself with support personnel who possess and exude the same qualities he does.

If you need a septoplasty, Dr. Hobgood believes in not packing the nose post-surgery and it makes all the difference. Quite simply, it breeds infection and it is the discomfort most people complain about. Avoiding this makes recovery a breeze - as close to painless as you can get.

If you are considering head or neck surgery - functional, cosmetic, or both - schedule a consultation with Dr. Hobgood....You'll be glad you did as you will be in good hands!

- Scott S, August 2018


I have been insecure about my nose for 10+ years, it was affecting my mental health so I finally decided to do something about it. I started doing research on plastic surgeons in the Scottsdale area, I saw Dr. Hobgood had really great reviews and specialized in facial plastic surgery so, I booked a consult with him. When I arrived, I was impressed with his beautiful, modern office and how well I was treated by his staff. They were so warm and welcoming! I met with Dr. Hobgood and immediately felt comfortable with him. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and, he is a genuine person. I knew right away I wanted him to do my Rhinoplasty. We came up with a plan that we both agreed on to improve my nose, something NATURAL looking that would still look like me. My surgery went smoothly, I recovered in less than 9 days and when I got my cast off and saw my nose for the first time I started crying tears of joy. I couldn't believe he exceeded my expectations and my new nose is better than I could have ever imagined! My breathing is exactly how it was before surgery, I didn't experience any pain and I don't even feel like I just had surgery 3 weeks ago! I am so glad I paid more to have the absolute best! I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I if I had to, I would do it again!

P.S. Thank you Dr. Hobgood for changing my life and giving me the confidence I have always dreamed of! I am FOREVER grateful!!!

- Madisyn L, May 2018

After an accident causing a lot of damage to my nose and septum, Dr. Hobgood was recommended by my dentist, another highly competent medical professional. After consulting with Dr. Hobgood, I decided he was the right person to help repair the damage to my nasal cavity. What a great decision! He was skillfully able to bring my breathing back to good again (I am still healing but can tell that after the soreness and swelling goes away, I will be good as new). I also felt very confident that I was in extremely good hands. His staff is also pretty wonderful — helpful, polite, and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Hobgood for your facial plastic surgery needs.

- Carol J, November 2017

The changes that I wanted were so minimal, and it was important that I found a doctor who understood that and could accomplish that for me. Dr. Hobgood was so understanding of what I wanted. He worked with me to come up with a game plan that him and I BOTH agreed on. He is such a lovely person, and his staff was beyond accommodating to me. I am more than satisfied with my end result and the experience altogether. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood.

- Kendall S, November 2017

Dr. Hobgood has changed my life! I had always contemplated getting a nose job since I was in 7th grade and I knew the minute I met Dr. Hobgood that he would be the one to do it. If you've never met Dr. Hobgood before, he is the most charismatic, genuine, and personable doctor I've ever met (and I work in Pharmaceutical Sales, so I know a lot of them!)

I had a consultation with Dr. Hobgood back in February and knew all of the things I didn't like about my nose that I wanted changed and he pointed them out to me before I even brought it to his attention. He is EXTREMELY detail-oriented and a perfectionist- which is exactly what you deserve when undergoing any procedure to your face. The greatest thing I love about Dr. Hobgood is that he works with what you have and enhances it. You won't look like you've had any work done, but you'll look like you have the nose you were supposed to be born with. I have completely natural results and my nose fits my personality now... IM SO IN LOVE!

Dr. Hobgood is double-board certified, caring, a true artist, and only works on the neck and up. If you have ANY hesitations in scheduling a consultation, I urge you to just meet with Dr. Hobgood as you will feel completely at-ease like I did and so many others before me living with absolutely perfect results.

I also highly recommend seeing Annie for your Botox, fillers, and skin care needs. I've had multiple sessions with her for Botox, microneedling, and lip fillers and I won't trust anyone else! I've had a terrible experience with fillers done by another provider in the area and Annie is the only person I trusted to do my fillers with completely natural results! I highly recommend going to see her as she makes you feel like you've known her for years, is fun, and extremely talented (she was trained extensively by Dr. Hobgood!) You won't regret anything done when walking through these doors!

- Anais T, July 2017

*Your results may vary.

Featured Reviews

I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood and his team. Before my blepharoplasty, he dealt with my high anxiety. He took the time to explain everything with detail and kindness. He patiently answered my questions, and returned my calls after the surgery with questions that I had. It has been a year since my surgery and am very happy with the results. He is a skilled surgeon, with a great bedside manner!

I received rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation 1 week ago from Dr. Hobgood. If I could give more then 5 stars I would. Throughout this entire process I was treated so kindly by not only Dr. Hobgood but also by his entire staff. He was so informative and answered all of my questions and addressed everything I was nervous about in great detail. I researched this extensively and went to 3 different consults before choosing him because he just made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. I am one week post opp and so far extremely happy with my results even with my swollen face. I know Dr. Hobgood is extremally busy and is likely spread very thin so the fact that he took the time to call me the day before surgery and the day after and continued to follow up throughout the week I felt was above and beyond. So a big thank you to him and his team for the outstanding service and kindness they provided.

I visited Dr Hobgood for a rhinoplasty. He was very helpful in explaining the different features of my nose using layman’s terms and analogies. We discussed ways in which to make my nose look more natural and make me still look like me. He truly wants you to be the best version of yourself. Dr Hobgood was easily accessible and gave me his number to call if I needed anything. Throughout the surgery day, Dr Hobgood was extremely kind and reassuring. He made me feel at ease as my worries kicked in. Overall, my experience with Dr Hobgood is one that I will forever cherish and never forget. He truly takes care of his patients and wants what’s best for them. He is truly a skilled surgeon with an amazing heart.

The best. Period. I work in multiple surgery centers in the area for a different specialty, and when I asked around staff who was the best in the area for anything in facial surgery every single person had Dr. Hobgood at the top of their list. He is meticulous and genuinely cares about every single patient. Everyone at his office is amazing and so kind. Finding him and going through with the surgery I waited years for is one of the best decisions I made.

There is no way this man deserves less than 5 stars. His bedside manner, professionalism, and genuineness is seldom seen in this era of assembly line medicine. He never makes you feel rushed, answers every question thoroughly, and comports himself with confidence. I immediately trusted him and never felt like he was selling me a bill of goods. And his surgical skill is top notch. He corrected some previous poor surgical outcomes for me and I could not be happier. He surrounds himself with excellent personnel and clearly takes pride in his business. If more physicians were like Dr Hobgood the world would truly be a better place.

Dr Hobgood is personable, caring, & the best at what he does. I’m so grateful I found him and his incredible team. Thank you all!

Phenomenal doctor. He put me at ease. Meticulous and highly skilled. If he ever left the state and I needed facial surgery, I would fly to wherever he was. He is that good.

Incredible experience. Not only is Dr. H extremely well versed in his field, he makes the whole process very understandable. He is also just a fabulous person and I looked forward to every appointment. You can't go wrong with him! I did a rhinoplasty with him and have never felt more confident and beautiful. Thank you!

My experience with Dr. Hobgood and his staff was absolutely excellent, from initial consultation, through surgery and post-operative care. Prior to meeting with him, I suffered from chronic sinusitis, as well as a deviated septum and collapsed nasal valves. Several months have now passed since the operation (which mainly entailed septoplasty & sinus surgery), and I'm now breathing, and feeling better than ever. Thank you Dr. Hobgood!

I highly recommend Dr. Todd Hobgood and his friendly professional staff. After much research and consulting with 5 surgeons, I chose Dr. Hobgood to perform my face/neck/eyebrow lift. I am SO happy I did! My results are amazing, and it has only been 2 months since my procedure! If you are considering facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hobgood is the most capable, professional, ethical, meticulous, skillful surgeon you will find. I wish it was possible to give him more than 5 stars!!!

Featured Reviews

I would like to start out by saying that Dr. Hobgood and every member of his team are AMAZING!! They are professional, courteous and they care. And you will know they care. A little over six months ago, I saw Dr. Hobgood for a blepharoplasty procedure and a CO2 laser resurfacing (under anesthesia). Two of the best things I've ever done, thanks to Dr. Hobgood. Dr. Hobgood made sure I knew what to expect from the moment I woke up following the procedure. By knowing what to expect, recovery was simple and a great experience. I'd do it all over again! I highly recommend Dr. Hobgood and his team. The BEST!

Business Owner replied on Mar 26, 2024:

A great review from a wonderful person! I am so proud of your words! We absolutely do care and that is what makes all the hard work worth every moment. Each person and every case is unique and our patients deserve the best start to finish! Thank you for supporting us, sharing your thoughts, and for inspiring others to live their best life! We appreciate you! Dr. Hobgood

Had 3 procedures done here. One being complete nasal reconstruction and couldn’t be more pleased. So happy with results, but also very grateful for such a warm and kind staff and doctor that really cares and goes above and beyond to make you comfortable and at ease. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Business Owner replied on Mar 26, 2024:

Thank you!!! I am so happy that you had a great experience! You have a heart of gold!!! Your words will inspire many! So appreciate your review! Dr. Hobgood

My dermatologist recommended Dr. Hobgood and I couldn't have been happier from start to finish. The office staff and Dr. Hobgood are wonderful in every way from answering every question, explaining the surgery process and awesome follow up. Surgery can be scary but they made it so I felt I was in total control and I can't be happier with the results as well! Being 69 yrs old, I knew I wouldn't look like I did when I was 30 (right!), but now I feel as good as I look without the loose neck skin that has been replaced with a super jaw line and nice tight neck skin that I used to have over 10+ years ago. Thank you again Dr. Hobgood and lovely staff!

Business Owner replied on Feb 29, 2024:

You are so welcome! So proud to be your team! And we love it when our patients are referred from local doctors who know what we do and how we do it! Thank you for your review and for inspiring others! We appreciate you! Welcome to our patient family!

I can’t say enough good about Dr Hobgood. He did an amazing job on my facelift. I look refreshed and rested, and I hesitate to use the word ‘lifted’ but I look and feel lifted. But natural! Thankfully, I look very natural. I don’t have that worked-on look that I was so worried about having. Getting a facelift is a scary prospect. It’s your face! I chose Dr Hobgood based on his online reviews. I’m very thankful for the reviews people posted; because of them I ended up in the right hands. So I am posting my review for the people who are looking for the right plastic surgeon. Dr. Hobgood is a brilliant surgeon, simply the best. On top of that, he is probably the nicest person you will ever meet. And he has a great team - everyone is warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. I am ever grateful to Dr. Hobgood and the whole staff at Hobgood Plastic Surgery.

Business Owner replied on Feb 29, 2024:

THANK YOU! I love your choice- lifted but not worked-on! I am so proud of your review! You definitely captured our team and how we work to support one another through some pretty scary adventures! Thank you for inspiring others! We appreciate you and welcome you to our patient family!

I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Hobgood and his team! I have never in my life encountered a better, more caring, skillful doctor. From our first consultation when he took over an hour to go over every detail, worry, concern with such a genuine care, through the surgical process and post care he was extraordinary. You can feel his compassion and care for his patients and just know he is living out his life’s purpose with his work! Not only is he truly the most exceptional doctor, but human. Prior to a friend recommending Dr. Hobgood I was in the care of other doctors. I felt anxious about surgery and worry. Since the first moment I met with Dr. Hobgood all worries dissipated because I knew I was in the best hands. And the results turned out better than I could have ever imagined! Plus his team is truly supportive and kind as well. All my questions were answered right away and anything I needed they were there. Thank you so much Dr. Hobgood and your team I am forever grateful! He is truly the best doctor I have ever seen.

I'm always hesitant going to see a doctor. The moment I walked in to Dr. Hobgood's office I felt relieved. The atmosphere was welcoming and serene and the people at the front desk were friendly and extremely professional. The nurse that conducted my intake information was amazing and provided me with all the information I needed prior to meeting Dr. Hobgood. Getting surgery of any kind is a bit stressful. Having confidence in the surgeon was a high priority for me. After having a great experience with all of the intake staff I was eager to meet Dr. Hobgood. He did not disappoint. Dr. Hobgood is extremely thorough and personable. He is direct and honest about his assessments and developed a team attitude right away in regards to my procedure. We spoke about many options and came to an agreement on the best option to move forward with. All of the related paperwork, including payments, were very streamlined and handled in a very professional and expedient manner. The day of surgery I went to the surgery center and the intake and prep for surgery went without problems. Dr. Hobgood met with me and went over everything again and prepared me for the procedure. After the surgery my recovery was quick. I'm more than satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobgood as your surgeon. From start to finish you will feel well cared for.

Business Owner replied on Feb 17, 2024:

Complete success! Thank you for such a thorough review! I am so grateful to have such wonderful patients to care for. We strive to not just met expectations for the patients but rather surprise them with excellence beyond what they might expect! I always tell my team that we have Be the very best during every single interaction with every patient. Not only do you deserve it, but it also demonstrates the true passion for excellence that we have for our obligation to Care for those who chose us! That’s what makes this job so rewarding! Thank you Hollis! Dr. Hobgood.

Dr. Todd Hobgood and his ENTIRE team are top notch professionals. He has dedicated his practice to high quality, best-in-class, patient-centered care. In today’s day and age where medicine and cosmetic procedures can sometimes feel commoditized, it is very refreshing to FEEL the difference in Dr Hobgood’s practice. He listens. He cares. He’s genuine. If you’re in the market for the best of the best, look no further than Todd Hobgood.

Business Owner replied on Feb 16, 2024:

Yessssss! I love it!!! THANK YOU! We do listen and care! I appreciate your kind words of support for me and my team! You will inspire others! You nailed it!

Dr. Hobgood and everyone he works with are absolutely amazing! They were immediately so welcoming and the sweetest people ever! I received a rhinoplasty and would recommend Dr. Hobgood to everyone. I am so happy with my results and actually cried tears of joy when my cast was removed. All of my friends and family have commented on how natural my results are and I love that one of Dr. Hobgood’s main goals was to ensure it looked as natural as possible. You’re definitely missing out if you don’t give Dr. Hobgood a visit!!! (honored to be the 300th review!)

Business Owner replied on Feb 13, 2024:

300th REVIEW!!!! Thank you so very much for your kind words! You are also so amazing and positive ! You will inspire so many! I am so proud of my team! I couldn’t do what we do best without them! You’re right that my primary focus is safety with natural results. This is particularly important for noses where function and form are so intimately connected. Thank you for all of your support! Dr Hobgood

Since I was a teenager and young adult I have always felt self conscious about my nose! Got teased and that imprinted on my reflection of myself for a long time! I dedicated more than 5 years following Dr. Hobgood on social media and checking his page and dreaming that one day I could have the nose I’ve always wanted! From my first consultation to the moment of surgery & end Dr Hobgood and staff made me feel so incredibly comfortable and confident in the procedure!!! You instantly feel the enormous amount of care they pour into their patients! I am now 6 months post rhinoplasty and let me tell you I wish I would have done this sooner! I didn’t tell most of my friends and family to just see their reactions and they said “wow, Tiffany what’s different about you, you are glowing”. The confidence that Dr Hobgood forever changed in me is something I am forever grateful for! Everyone around me now stops me to say how perfect of a nose I have! Now I know perfect wasn’t what we were going for BUT HE DID IT! If you are contemplating surgery just book a consultation and see for yourself! Worth every single penny and more!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to Dr Hobgood and staff, yall are simply amazing!!! & forever impacted my life for the better! This Minnesota girl is the happiest she has ever been ❤️ book that flight, you won’t be disappointed I promise you!!!

Business Owner replied on Feb 19, 2024:

Minnesota to AZ! I love this review for so many reasons! First, getting a rhinoplasty is such an important decision. This wonderful patient followed us for a natural results for over five years before taking action. You captures all of the elements of sincere and ethical patient care beginning with an informative and comfortable consultation through the entire healing process. I appreciate so much your understanding that perfect outcomes are unusual for rhinoplasty. Rather this surgery is all about popping and enhancing all of the other facial features that are so beautiful. I love that so many of our patients are stopped by Strangers who ask about their nose. This is truly the best compliment that you can have. Thank you for supporting our team. I am so proud of what we do together!

I cannot thank Dr Hobgood enough for his care, kindness, and talent. I have worked with multiple surgeons and never has anyone had such good bedside manner. Dr Hobgood is never rushed- he takes time to get to know you, answer questions, and explain things in detail. He genuinely cares about his patients. I underwent a brow lift and blepharoplasty. If you could see the picture comparison of my two week healing and my cousins- WOW! At two weeks I was bruise free, sutures removed and looking great. If you are considering facial surgery LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

Business Owner replied on Feb 6, 2024:

Thank you !!! Heartfelt! I am so proud to read your review! I can tell you that your words are 10 hours old and have already inspired others to live their best lives too! Thank you for trusting me and supporting my team and our community! You’re the best!

Before having nose surgery with a chin implant and chin liposuction, Scott had a lot of questions. He felt at ease when talking to Dr. Hobgood and his staff about any of his issues or concerns. Scott appreciated that Dr. Hobgood was open, straightforward, and professional and that his results look very natural.

- Scott

The last thing Debbie wanted to hear after her facial rejuvenation was, “Who is your surgeon?” She wanted to refresh her face but look natural afterwards. Dr. Hobgood listened to Debbie’s concerns and helped her achieve her desired results.

- Debbie

Prior to her rhinoplasty surgery, Raeann was worried about going under general anesthesia. She was also worried that she wouldn’t look like herself after surgery. Dr. Hobgood’s patient care, impressive skill, and years of experience gave her peace of mind.

- Raeann

Undergoing rhinoplasty surgery was a 4-year process for Ashley. She did extensive research before choosing Dr. Hobgood as her surgeon, and couldn’t be happier with her quality of care and her results.

- Ashley

Dr. Todd was the second doctor I met with to discuss a potential rhinoplasty procedure. I realized without hesitation after meeting with him that if I was going to have the procedure, he was going to be my surgeon. After many years of feeling like my nose was a foreign object on my face, I now do not waste energy worrying about how to hide it. I finally like my nose, it fits my face and doesn’t feel at all unnatural. I feel like it’s the nose I was born with. The result Dr. Todd achieved is exactly what I had envisioned and hoped for, and I am grateful for his genuine caring and respect for my concerns and wishes, and his honesty about the procedure and what to expect.

- Anne

….I don’t believe I expressed how happy I am at our last appointment. I am thrilled each time I look in the mirror and do not see that tired looking face from a year ago looking back at me! Thank you very much for doing such wonderful work! [My husband] and I both think you are a caring and an exceptionally skilled surgeon. How fortunate the practice is in Phoenix to have someone of your caliber joining their team.

- Brenda

Before I had my procedures done, I had been very self conscious of my side profile. I thought about it all the time, and I felt really flawed. I finally made the decision to have the surgery and I’m glad I did. I no longer worry about my side profile, and people know something changed about me, but they don’t know what did. They just know I look better….I really do now have a boosted self confidence because I am not preoccupied by my appearance. I don’t think I could ever thank you enough.

- Amy

I highly recommend Dr. Hobgood as a doctor for your needs regarding facial plastic surgery. My skin cancer doctor suggested that [Dr. Hobgood] may be able to perform a deep skin peel or laser to improve my appearance and help prevent recurrences of future skin cancers.

Dr. Hobgood is a rare type of doctor. He really takes an interest in his patients. He has made several calls to my home to personally check on me; most of these calls were made on his own time either in the evenings or on the weekend. He tries to adjust his schedule to make it easier to see the people who need to see him. If you are looking for a skilled and caring doctor, look no further. Dr. Todd is number one! I just wish he were still in Columbus.

- Adrienne

You are such an amazing doctor, and really treated us as not just patients, but you really got to know us on an individual level. We are both doing very well, and Rachel’s nose is gorgeous. She absolutely loves it!

- Rachel and Renee

Your concern and attention were very much appreciated and helped me through difficult times. I am very pleased with my results both in terms of piece of mind and the cosmetic result. I wish that all physicians were as caring and committed as you are to your patients and I would, without any hesitation, recommend you to others. You are an excellent surgeon and a very nice person.

- Laurie

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