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Blonde woman holding her neck.

Neck Lift vs. KYBELLA®

It seems like the summer months come with an onslaught of social events — graduations, weddings, barbeques, and more — which means that cameras will be snapping away. For people who feel self-conscious in pictures, refining the look of the chin or neck can go a long way toward boosting their confidence. As a facial …

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Destroying The Double Chin

 Last year’s Allergan purchase of Kybella unveiled a very exciting time in aesthetics. 67% of the population says they are bothered by their side profile, and now there is something available to treat patients in a non-invasive way. Finally, those with a “turkey neck”, or “double chin” can destroy fat cells safely, permanently, and in-office. …

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Vertical Lifting With Voluma

Every patient has a unique genetic makeup and set of age-related aesthetic complexities. Some contributing factors of aging include bone structure, environmental exposures, and volume deficits from the repositioning of facial fat. Some of the most common areas of concern include nasolabial folds, oral commissures, and marionette lines. Treatment options for these areas vary, but …

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lip augmentation at plastic surgery in scottsdale

Q + A : Lip Augmentation

Are you interested in lip augmentation?  Dermal fillers have been around for many years but have a recently-renewed popularity with record numbers in 2015 showing lip augmentation procedures as the second-fastest growing facial procedure in the United States. With the right injector, and natural correction as the end goal, this procedure still understandably comes with …

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Say Goodbye to Vertical Lip Lines!

As we age, our natural lip border begins to turn inward. Many patients notice a loss in volume, as well as vertical lip lines, a.k.a. “smoker’s lines”, that form above + below the lips. Even though this is a common dislike among patients, many avoid treatment due to fear of looking visibly augmented.  As the …

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