A Recent Thanks!!! (Also a Thanks in Return to Sender!!!)

Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery

“Many Thanks for the Holidays!”

We are so thankful for our blessings this holiday season. It is always touching when patients take time out of their busy schedules to thank our staff for hard work and dedication to their jobs.
Recently, we received a very personal note in the Arizona Republic published in the lifestyle section reflecting on the season of giving. Our friend and patient, Joe Maisel, was kind enough to write in stating:

“In June of 2010 I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer…Several doctors stated I had less than 23 percent chance of living more than six months. It was on top of my head. The depth of [this lesion] meant it should have spread to my lymph nodes without a doubt. Dr. Todd Hobgood believed I had a “slim chance” of getting it all removed. Today, I am able to teach Psychology 101 for dual enrollment to 200-plus students at Tempe Corona del Sol High School each year, instruct at Rio Salado College, volunteer at my church, be a husband and a father of three wonderful children. Without his belief and ability, I would never be able to give to others in life.”

Well Joe-
As a father, husband, and physician- I thank you for your inspiration, courage, and faith. As I have told you before, you are making this world a better place. We are all lucky to have you.
Your friend,

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