How BOTOX® & Fillers Work Together

Botox and Fillers in Scottsdale AZ, girls high fiving

Injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers like JUVÉDERM® are popular here in Scottsdale thanks to their incredible versatility and virtually zero associated downtime. While each of these products has a loyal fan base, the concept of combining them is gaining steam. Before we examine why that’s a good idea for many people, let’s take a quick refresher course on what these products are and how they work.

Their Differences

BOTOX and fillers have the same objectives, but they work in very different ways. BOTOX is a purified form of a neurotoxin. When administered correctly by a trained professional, BOTOX gently reduces muscle activity where it’s injected, reducing the formation of certain types of wrinkles and treating other aesthetic concerns, such as crow’s feet, that are caused by movement. The effects of BOTOX usually take a few days to fully develop, but once they do, you can expect them to last for several months.

Fillers, on the other hand, do just that. Using biocompatible active ingredients — most often hyaluronic acid — these products fill in wrinkles, plumping them up and reducing their appearance. Fillers are extremely popular and can be used throughout the face to sculpt its contours. Their results are typically instantly appreciable, and, depending on where they’re administered, they can last for upwards of 1 year.

Better Together

While both BOTOX and fillers yield good results individually, they often create exceptional results when administered together. That’s because they’re complementary, addressing multiple areas of the face at once. This approach can also prolong results, leading to a beautiful, younger-looking face for months longer than if you’d undergone a singular treatment. Much more than the sum of its parts, combining your injectables can lead to a completely new level of customization.

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