Comparing Your Lip Advancement Options

Comparing Your Lip Advancement Options

When people consider the effects of aging, an area that isn’t often considered is the lips.

The truth is that your lips can lose a lot of tissue as you get older, causing them to look considerably thinner and less prominent on your face.

The good news is that your lips don’t have to stay that way – there are surgical and nonsurgical procedures available to help your lips regain their youthful appearance. Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery has three different options available to patients: dermal fillers, implants, and vermillion advancement surgery.

Improving Your Lips With Dermal Fillers

This is a quick, nonsurgical method of giving your lips a boost. Dermal fillers are capable of doing a number of things to improve the look of your face, including giving your lips a little more volume and even reducing some of the wrinkles around them. The most common fillers that are used on the lips are based in hyaluronic acid, a natural chemical found in the body. At Hobgood, we use Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm to improve the shape, volume, and structure of your lips. These are injected after a mild anesthesia is applied to the area. The effects are not permanent, but they are highly effective and usually don’t need to be repeated more than twice a year.

Improving Your Lips With Implants

For a time, lip implants were passed over as a method of lip advancement because they did not appear natural. Recent developments in the world of implants, however, have resulted in the PermaLip implant. This implant is now being used by facial plastic surgeons around the country to provide a permanent solution to thin lips. The implant is inserted by making two small incisions, one on each side of the lip, and sliding the implant into the tissue. The implants come preformed in a variety of different sizes and shapes to provide better matches to each individual patient.

Improving Your Lips With Vermillion Advancement Surgery

This procedure is best suited to patients who have very thin lips that lack any kind of height or definition. It basically involves surgically pulling your vermillion tissue (the colored portion of your lips) outward and upward to make your lips fuller and larger.
The surgeon starts by numbing your lips to keep your blood vessels and nerve endings protected during the procedure. He then makes an incision at the place where your vermillion tissue connects to the rest of the soft tissue in your face (also known as the vermillion border). A small amount of skin is removed above and below your lips. The vermillion tissue is then lifted and sutured into place over the same area. The amount of skin removed and the way in which the vermillion is shaped will determine the size and shape of your new lips.

How Do I Choose the Best Lip Advancement Option for Me?

Your surgeon will go over all your options with you during your patient consultation. He’ll do an examination of the tissues in your lips and surrounding areas, go over your medical history, and talk to you about the kind of results you’re looking for. Once he has all relevant information, he’ll give you a recommendation on the best method of lip advancement for you.

To schedule a lip advancement consultation with Dr. Hobgood, call his office in Scottsdale, AZ at (480) 418-6415 or send him an email through his patient contact page. Dr. Hobgood specializes in surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the head, face, and neck and is nationally recognized for his outstanding results with his patients.

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