Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon Really Matters

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Plastic surgery is becoming more mainstream with each passing year and the number of plastic surgeons in the United States has skyrocketed from hundreds to thousands. No matter where you are, you probably have a least one surgeon in your state. All these available surgeons should make it easy for you to choose one for your plastic surgery, right?

In some ways, having all these options does make it easier for you. You can find a surgeon who does amazing work with the procedure you want. You can find one close to where you live. You can even find out more about your surgeon through several different resources. The problem with all these choices and resources is that it becomes even more necessary for you to do your research.

Here’s the thing: that research is extremely important, because choosing the right surgeon really does matter. Recently, two plastic surgeons made the news when they were charged with the deaths of two patients while in surgery. You certainly wouldn’t want that to be you! For your health and safety, it’s very important that you choose a quality plastic surgeon. Here’s how you spot one:

Are They Certified?

To become a certified plastic surgeon, the doctor has to complete a residency program at a reputable agency and then pass several examinations given by other certified surgeons. The process requires several years of training and education beyond completing medical school and ensures that the doctor has been approved by his peers to practice surgery. Any respectable surgeon has been board-certified at least once. If a doctor doesn’t have any certifications, they’re likely not worth your time.

Do They Have Any Specialties?

Some plastic surgeons go on to specialize in certain procedures. Specializing means that the surgeon is more interested in a particular procedure and is dedicated to perfecting it. Specializing also requires the surgeon to undergo additional training and testing. Plastic surgeons can choose to specialize in one or multiple procedures over the course of their career. If you have a specific procedure in mind, look for a surgeon who has that specialty.

Do Their Patients Like Them?

This is one of the most important parts of your research. A doctor can list out their education and credentials and claim to produce the best results, but the only way to really know is to check out what their patients have to say. A lot of surgeons now have a spot for patient reviews on their websites for you to peruse. There are also a few third-party websites dedicated to patient reviews where you can look up your potential surgeon. You want to see that other patients felt comfortable with their doctor, like their results, and didn’t have any unfortunate mishaps. If your potential surgeon has overwhelmingly positive feedback from a great number of patients, odds are good you have a quality surgeon.

Do You Like Their Previous Results?

Plastic surgeons are almost as varied as their patients; though they receive the same basic training, they are all slightly different in how they practice. This means that results will vary between surgeons, even if those results are all excellent. Check out some before and after photos from your potential surgeon. Most surgeons offer these on their websites, but if they don’t, you can always ask to see them. Every patient has different needs and their results will be slightly different from yours, so pay attention to the overall quality of the results.

Do They Accept Patients from Out of Town?

You may find that the best plastic surgeon for you is not located anywhere close to you. That’s okay! It is definitely not uncommon for patients to travel for plastic surgery. However, not all doctors accept out-of-town patients. Make sure your potential surgeon does before deciding on them.

What Next?

You can narrow down your choices considerably through your research and learn a great deal about your potential plastic surgeon, but the best way for you to really evaluate them is to schedule a patient consultation. This is a time scheduled with the surgeon where you can discuss what kind of procedure you want, ask them questions, and get an understanding for how the doctor works. Scheduling a patient consultation does not mean that you have to choose that surgeon, but it allows you to get a feel for the doctor and decide if they are who you want to do your procedure.

Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery

If you are looking to have a procedure done on your face, head, or neck, Dr. Todd Hobgood of Scottsdale, AZ should definitely make your list of potential surgeons. Dr. Hobgood is double-certified facial plastic surgeon by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the American Board of Otolaryngology. He specializes in facial plastic surgery and his entire practice is dedicated to these procedures. He also offers a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures, including facelifts, rhinoplasty, Botox, and laser resurfacing. Dr. Hobgood’s goal is to produce great results unique to the patient, but he also knows how important it is to maintain a healthy and safe environment for his patients from the moment they walk in to the end of their recovery.
Whether you are a local or out-of-town patient, you can contact Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hobgood by calling (480) 214-9955.

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