Don’t sleep in your makeup!

Women Cleaning Skin in Scottsdale

After a long day the last thing we want to do is take those extra minutes to wash our face. Skipping this seems harmless enough right? Wrong!

Cleaning your face is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin healthy and clear. When you wear makeup all day your face attracts unnecessary free radicals from the environment and holds on to it on your face. Free radicals can cause a breakdown of healthy collagen. Without healthy collagen your can start to form fine lines in the skin. Also if you keep your makeup on while you sleep you are increasing your risk of enlarged pores and clogged pores that result in acne. Both of these are unwanted right? Your skin needs to breath each and everyday. So take those few extra minutes to wash your face, after all it is the first thing that people look at. Put your best face first!

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