Facelift Questions…What is a Lifestyle Lift or a Quick Lift?

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I often am asked questions about limited down-time facelift and necklift techniques. The bottom line is that qualified and experienced surgeons will recommend the least invasive lift that serves the goals of our patients. Sometimes this means that a relatively short recovery is possible. You certainly need to be seen and examined by a board certified physician to determine what types of procedures will suit your objectives.

Some of the commonly recommended procedures will include laser therapies, botox, dysport, xeomin, fillers, liposuction or lift techniques.

I have been underwhelmed with the thermal energy devices and have not seen results that I would be proud of. Thermage did not turn out to be a valuable tool in my practice. There are new technologies emerging, but none that are providing valuable results at this time, in my opinion.
Lastly, all qualified board certified surgeons will be aware of all of the lifting techniques available. Despite the compelling advertising, facelifting and necklifting has not changed significantly in the last 10 years.
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