Facelifts Are Making a Comeback

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Each year, along with other facial plastic surgeons in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and around the country, I eagerly await the release of statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® (ASPS). Throughout the year, this organization compiles and organizes numbers related to plastic surgery in North America, and it provides those of us in the industry with valuable insights regarding the popularity of different procedures. When the statistics came out this past March, I was surprised to see facelift surgery experiencing a rise in popularity after a period of decreased activity. I have a few ideas about why this is happening:

  • Reduced stigma: The plastic surgery field in general is enjoying less of a stigma than it has in years past. Today, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to speak out about their nips and tucks, bringing the popularity of plastic surgery into the public eye and making it easier to talk about. This also explains why more men are starting to take an interest in aesthetic medicine.
  • More permanent: Today’s techniques are not only longer lasting than nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, but they’re also longer lasting than previous versions of facelift surgery. Today’s patients feel like they’re getting a better return on their investment.
  • Natural-looking results: This is especially true in my practice, where I’ve created an approach called the Vector Correcting Lift. This technique allows me to lift and reposition sagging tissue, such as the cheeks, vertically. This creates very long-lasting results without a “pulled back” look.

It’s still too soon to say for sure whether this is part of a larger trend, but these statistics reflect what my patients and I have known for a long time. Facelift is still the finest option for a deep reduction in the signs of facial aging.

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