Facial Augmentation Through Implants

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Fighting the looks of aging becomes a struggle that men and women all share in their lifetime. There are many causes of aging besides simply growing older, including trauma, disease, and genetics. There are many procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, that can reverse signs of aging.

Facial implants are growing in popularity as a permanent solution to a loss of contour in the facial structure.

What Are Facial Implants?

Facial implants are solid materials that are specially designed to enhance your facial features by augmenting specific structures. Chin, cheek, and jaw implants are currently available on the market. Here at Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer chin and cheek augmentations.

What the Implants Made Of?

There are several different types of materials that can be used in implants, including silicone, acrylic, or Gore-Tex. These materials are all compatible with the body tissues and are shaped to fit in specific areas of your chin and cheeks. In the cheeks, for example, implants can be placed around the malar region (the upper cheekbone), the submalar region (the lower cheekbone), or in the tear trough (the area under the eyes).

Silicone implants are the softest type of implant available and the most commonly used for these kinds of procedures. Gore-Tex is a porous material that is a form of Teflon and is designed specially to become integrated with the body’s tissues. It is lightweight and flexible, and tends to be thicker than other materials, which can create dramatic results. Acrylic implants are very tough and resemble the way bone feels under the skin. They are lightweight and form a tight bond with the bones in the face.

How Does My Surgeon Choose What Implant Is Right for Me?

Surgeons typically have a preference for the kind of material they use in their practice, but it can also be determined depending on your personal needs as a patient. During your consultation, the doctor will discuss with you how you want to look after surgery and do an assessment of your facial anatomy. The size and shape of the implants are determined based on bone structure, while the type of implant material used may depend on your overall health and the kinds of results you want.

How Are the Implants Positioned?

One of the best things about facial implants is that they can be placed without visible incisions. For cheek implants, incisions can be made inside the mouth, under the upper lip or in the lower eyelid, depending on where they need to be placed. It is also possible for them to be placed through an incision in the hairline if the cheek augmentation is being performed with other procedures.

Chin implants can be placed through incisions in the lower lip along the gum line, or under the chin in a natural crease. This augmentation can also be performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures.

For either procedure, patients will be placed under sedation or general anesthesia.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

There will be some swelling and possibly some minor discomfort. The swelling will reduce over time and could take several weeks to go away completely. You may have bandages that must be worn for the first couple days. Your doctor will also prescribe medication to take or apply to minimize the discomfort and swelling. Recovery is typically very short, with patients returning to their normal activities in about seven to 10 days. Best of all, you’ll be able to see your results almost immediately!

How Can I Find Out More About Facial Implant Surgery?

Contact our office in Scottsdale, AZ, to schedule a patient consultation! Here at Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery, our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our patients from beginning to end. Your consultation will give you the opportunity to meet Dr. Todd Hobgood, our facial plastic surgeon, and ask any questions about any of our procedures. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8a.m. -5p.m. We can be reached at (480) 214-9955, or through our patient contact page on our website.

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