Laser Resurfacing Procedures Increased 57% in One Year

Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery

In the most recent survey completed by the International Communications Research (ICR), the number of patients undergoing laser facial resurfacing increased by 57% last year.

Clearly that’s in impressive number. Plastic surgery patients are finding success with their physicians in clearing away sun damage, unwanted wrinkles, and achieving more youthful skin.

Essentially all chemical peels, abrasion techniques, and lasers cause limited injuries to the surface of the skin allowing for controlled healing. During the healing process, the irregular pigments and wrinkles are washed away by the body’s immune system.

Physicians and patients choose the right laser depth and percentage of skin coverage depending on the individual skin type, amount of sun damage, aging stage, and down time requirements. The deeper treatments do generally produce more impressive results but can take more time to heal.

The most recent advances have exploded over the last several years with fractionation (like pixels of a photograph). Advances in computers with lasers have introduced this technology.

The carbon dioxide laser is the work horse of the laser world. Patients will see significant reduction in irregular pigments and skin tones, reduction in wrinkles and lines, and real improvements in skin texture.

We are so impressed with this laser that we are offering this laser at significantly discounted rates. Everyone who lives in Arizona could benefit from this great tool, and we don’t want anyone left out.

Please call or email me anytime if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.

Dr. Todd hobgood

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