Mentally Prep for Surgery With These Easy Steps

Mentally Prepare for Surgery With These Easy Steps

There is a lot of preparation that goes into having plastic surgery. From the patient consultation to the final days of your recovery, you’re in for an experience that is ultimately rewarding, but potentially difficult. Many patients feel anxious before their procedure and then struggle with trying to get through their recovery. You can help yourself avoid feeling like this by following these easy steps before and after your surgery.

Before You Have Surgery

  • Get All the Information You Can – Knowing more about something makes it less mysterious and less frightening. Read up on your specific procedure to see what you can expect from both the surgery and results. Find out some things about your doctor, too, so you can have an idea about who will be doing your procedure. You don’t need to give yourself a medical school education, but if you can gather enough info, your surgery won’t give you nearly as much anxiety.
  • If You Don’t Know Something, Ask – Usually when you start trying to learn more about something, you end up with more questions for each one you get answered. This is where your surgeon comes in. They can give you answers to all your questions about your procedure, but only if you ask! They’re not there to judge you or make you feel like an idiot; they are there to help you have the best experience possible by helping you feel comfortable and confident in your procedure.
  • Voice Your Worries – If you are worried about some part of your procedure, say something to your surgeon. Part of their job is to address any issues or concerns you have, and they need to know a lot about you as a patient. Don’t be afraid to be afraid! Your surgeon will help you overcome those worries.

After You Have Surgery

  • Be Ready to See Yourself – Depending on the type of surgery you’re having, you could end up with bruises and swelling that will last for several days. It can be hard to picture what your final results will be when you’re all black and blue. Try to avoid being judgmental and criticizing yourself too harshly. Once your body has healed, it will be totally worth it.
  • Know You’re Not Going to Feel Great – Surgery takes its toll on the body, so your body will need time to recover from your procedure. Each patient handles recovery differently, and some find it more difficult than others. Prepare yourself to feel some pain and discomfort. Doing so may actually help you cope with the recovery.
  • Keep a Positive Attitude – Tell yourself in the morning, “I look even better today than I did yesterday.” Do things that keep you busy and make you happy. Celebrate your accomplishments and each little gain in your recovery. A positive attitude is arguably the best mental tool you can have to get you through your surgery and enjoy the experience.

By following these steps during your plastic surgery experience, you can ensure that you have the best experience possible. If you are interested in learning more about the surgical and nonsurgical procedures offered at Hobgood Facial Plastic surgery, call (480) 214-9955 to schedule a patient consultation.

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