Microneedling With RF: Can You Benefit?

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With people seeking less invasive ways to improve their skin’s appearance, the aesthetic field continues to produce numerous advancements. One of the most popular breakthroughs in recent years is microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. This powerful one-two combo is a game-changer that can treat a range of skin concerns.

Understanding RF Microneedling

Microneedling is called collagen induction therapy (CIT) because it stimulates collagen production by creating controlled wounds. All microneedling devices use tiny, sterile needles to create these micro-injuries. The needles deliver radiofrequency energy during RF microneedling treatments, heating the tissue and enhancing collagen and elastin production to tighten the skin. Compared to standalone microneedling, the addition of radiofrequency provides far superior results.

PiXel8 is one of the more recent RF microneedling devices introduced, and Cosmopolitan named it “The Best Skin Smoothing Treatment” in their 2022 Holy Grail Beauty Awards. This innovative device offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for patients at our practice. These benefits include:

Customization: Your provider can adjust needle penetration depth and RF energy intensity to tailor the procedure for each patient’s unique skin concerns. This customization leads to more effective and comfortable treatments.

Versatility: The PiXel8 can address a wide range of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, uneven tone and texture, and sagging skin. Its versatility makes it suitable for patients of various ages and skin types.

Convenience: Downtime is minimal after an RF microneedling treatment, and you can usually resume regular activities right away. However, redness and swelling are common during the first 48 hours after your appointment and may affect how you feel about going out in public. You can apply ice packs to ease discomfort and reduce these aftereffects.

Can You Benefit From RF Microneedling?

Most men and women concerned about their skin’s appearance are good candidates for PiXel8 RF microneedling treatments. It’s safe and effective for most patients who are in good health and want to address early signs of aging. You should also have realistic expectations about the results. It may take 3 or more treatment sessions to produce the desired outcome.

If you have significant skin sagging, we may recommend facial plastic surgery, such as a facelift or neck lift, to achieve your goals.

Does RF Microneedling Hurt?

Our providers apply a numbing cream before the procedure to ensure patients remain comfortable. The treatment involves pressing the hand-held PiXel8-RF device against the skin, with the microneedles rapidly pulsing to penetrate the skin and deliver the RF energy. Patients may feel a warm, prickly sensation as the provider moves the device across the treatment area.

Microneedling with radiofrequency using the PiXel8 RF device is a highly effective approach to skin rejuvenation. Whether you want to reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, or diminish the appearance of scars, the treatment offers a safe and effective solution. You can learn more about your skin rejuvenation options by requesting a consultation or calling us at (480) 214-9955 to schedule an appointment.

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