Rise in Cosmetic Procedures Accompanies Rise in Social Media Trends

Plastic Surgery Increases Alongside Social Media Trends

Earlier this year, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(AAFPRS) conducted a survey to find the latest trends among patients in surgical and non-surgical procedures. They found that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are causing an increase in the number of facial plastic surgeries requested by patients. Specifically, the rising trend of sharing self-photos, or “selfies,” are causing people to become more aware of their personal appearance and how they are viewed by others.

Some Key Stats

As of 2013, 72 percent of internet users have some sort of social media account. The largest group of people who use social media are between the ages of 18 and 29, but about 72 percent of people aged 30-49 and 60 percent of people aged 50-60 are active on social media sites.

The AAFPRS found that from 2012 to 2013 there was a ten percent increase in the number of rhinoplasty surgeries performed and a six percent increase in eyelid surgery. There was also a substantial increase in non-surgical cosmetic procedures among men and women under 35. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons found a 13 percent increase in soft tissue fillers and a 3 percent increase in botulinum toxin (commonly known as BOTOX). Facelifts and chin augmentations both increased by 5 percent.

Procedures like these are also becoming more popular for younger patients. More than half of the surgeons who took part in the AAFPRS survey saw an increase in the number of patients under 30 years of age. More teenagers are also getting plastic surgery done as a result of bullying on social media sites.

What This Means for You

Being self-conscious about your appearance and wanting to improve your features are extremely common feelings whether you use social media or not. However, if you’re considering plastic surgery because you want to look good on in selfies and other shared photos, you’re not alone! With over a billion users on Facebook alone, odds are good that you know someone who has already had a procedure done or is in the same boat. The AAFPRS found that 13 percent of surgeons they polled noticed that increased photo sharing and dissatisfaction with personal appearance on social media influenced their patients in their cosmetic procedure decisions.

In this technology age, it’s also very easy for you to find information about cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. Doctor websites, such as ours, provide detailed information to patients about the different procedures they perform and give important information about the doctor doing the procedures. There are also patient reviews on these sites and on some third-party sites, like RealSelf.com. These tools help you become better educated as a patient and prepare you for your consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Dr. Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery

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