The Masculine Look of Facelift Surgery

facelift for men in scottsdale

Women may still make up the vast majority of cosmetic surgery patients, but the number of men showing up in plastic surgery office around the nation is on the rise. Guys are interested in everything from nonsurgical body contouring to facelift surgery. Scottsdale is no exception: My male patients say appearance matters more than ever, both socially and professionally. More importantly, while men aren’t opposed to having plastic surgery, they are very worried about the results looking obvious.

Male facelift procedures do have a number of differences compared to facial plastic surgery for women:

  • Incision location: When I perform a facelift on men, I make incisions in slightly different locations, because men often grow sideburns and generally wear their hair shorter than women.
  • Cosmetic goals: Both men and women share the goal of looking more youthful. A male patient, however, typically wants his face to still look “rugged,” or masculine. Creating results that appear too smooth can look unnatural for men.
  • Complementary procedures: Men are often more concerned about the appearance of their necks or chins, whereas women are often more focused on midface wrinkles. A neck lift, performed either alone or combined with a facelift, is a popular choice for men. Chin augmentation is also popular. Men who want chin implants at my Scottsdale practice desire chins that are slightly more prominent than women’s chins with more pronounced jawbones. Think of the “chiseled” features that most people consider attractive for men.

Advanced surgical techniques are what really makes it possible for plastic surgeons to perform facelifts that produce results that appear more natural. Specifically, a modern facelift procedure addresses the deeper superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer, which minimizes the “stretched skin” appearance that patients worry about.

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