Why Choose Facial Fat Transfers? Here Are Five Reasons

Here Are Five Reasons to Choose a Facial Fat Transfer

Avoid Rejections and Other Bad Reactions

Some patients experience difficulty with implants or synthetic dermal fillers because the materials aren’t a natural part of the body. A bad reaction to synthetic materials can cause infection, allergic response, and even total rejection of the material. However, in facial fat transfers, the material used in the injections comes directly from you. Your natural fat cells are simply moved around from location to another. By using your own fat cells, you reduce your risk of complications associated with synthetic materials.

Flexible Treatment Options

Facial fat transfers can be utilized in just about every area of your face. It can be used to add volume to your cheeks and chin or reduce the wrinkles around your mouth. It can be used on your nose to correct any dents or visible bumps. It can be used under your eyes to help you look more alert and get rid of a hollowed look. It can also be used to add contouring around your chin and jaw line. The flexibility of this procedure gives it a wide variety of uses, allowing your doctor to utilize it to its full potential in rejuvenating your face.

Almost No Recovery Needed

Compared to other facial procedures, fat transfer injections are pretty noninvasive. The fat cell harvest site will have a small incision and the injection sites will be like getting a shot on your face. That’s it! You’ll be able to go back to work the same day and proceed with your normal routine. Any side effects you may feel, such as redness, swelling, or tightness, will be very mild and will go away after a couple days. As an added bonus, the results will be visible immediately, so you can start reaping the benefits of the procedure as soon as you walk out of the doctor’s office.

Boosts Other Facial Procedures

Facial fat transfers are an excellent way to round off other facial procedures or add some polish to the final result. Some surgical procedures need to have a little extra volume added to the face to prevent any hollow-looking areas or to further decrease the look of wrinkles. By adding in a fat transfer here and there, the surgeon can boost the result of your other procedures and give you the best possible appearance.

Natural and Long Lasting Results

Easily the best of all these reasons! The fact that you had a procedure done shouldn’t be painfully obvious to everyone you encounter. You want your face to look like YOU, not like a plastic version of yourself. The added fat in the transfers builds upon the levels of fat that already exist in your face, plus it’s your own personal fat. What’s more natural than your own body tissues being used to rejuvenate your appearance?

Another reason for the natural look of fat transfers is the ability of the injected fat cells to ingratiate themselves into the existing soft tissue. This quality also ensures that the injected cells stay where they are for a long period of time, giving you long-lasting results. Once your body’s tissues absorb the fat cells, it will appear as though they have always been present at the injection locations.

Facial Fat Transfers From Dr. Hobgood

Dr. Todd Hobgood specializes in a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the head, face, and neck, including facial fat transfers. Dr. Hobgood strives to achieve the most natural-looking results so patients can put their best face forward. If you are interested in learning more about facial fat transfers, contact his office at (480) 214-9955 to schedule an initial patient consultation.

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