Common Misconceptions About Facelifts


 A Facelift Lifts Your Whole Face

In fact, a standard facelift only lifts one region of your face! Your face can be divided into three regions – upper, middle, and lower. The upper region includes your forehead and eyebrows. The middle region includes the eyes, cheeks, and the area between the lips and the nose. The lower region includes the jaw and chin.

A standard facelift is also known as a lower face lift because it focuses on lifting the lower region of your face. This makes sense, because gravity pulls at your face and causes your skin to hang loose over time. Wrinkles also start to form around your mouth as your skin becomes looser.

If your problem isn’t in your lower face region, but rather in the middle or upper regions, never fear! There are also midface lifts and brow lifts specifically designed to improve the look of those areas.

Facelifts are Only for “Older” People

Facelift patients actually range in age from the early 40s to 70s. Why is the age range so large? Because each patient ages differently. There are a number of different factors that contribute to aging, including sun exposure, genetics, weight gain or loss, certain environmental conditions, and smoking. Some patients are exposed to certain factors more than other patients and patient lifestyles vary across the board. The way you live your life and the condition of your environment play a big role in how you age, which is in turn reflected in your face.

All Facelifts Look the Same

Your face is unique to you, so why shouldn’t your facelift be the same? Each facelift by Dr. Hobgood is catered to the individual. They are based on your specific needs and your goals for surgery. Dr. Hobgood takes the time to work with each patient to understand what they want from a facelift and determine the best way to help them get there.

It’s Obvious When You Get a Facelift

If your facelift is done by a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon, your face won’t look “done” at all by the time you recover. A lot of people think that a facelift involves tightening your face until it actually looks like plastic – this isn’t true at all unless you go to a complete hack.

Facelifts Make You Look Years and Years Younger

This actually is true, to a certain extent. A facelift will not restore your face to the same condition it was in when you were in your early 20s. It will not prevent you from aging, nor will it keep you looking the same over the next few decades. However, a facelift can take up to ten years off your appearance and keep you looking up to ten years younger than your actual age.

A Facelift is Forever

Wouldn’t it be great if your facelift procedure lasted for the remainder of your life? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. However, the ways in which you take care of yourself will influence how long your facelift lasts. Patients who don’t protect their skin with regular care and sunscreen, don’t get the right nutrition to keep themselves healthy, and don’t maintain good overall health run the risk of undoing their amazing results. In comparison, patients who take good care of their skin, have proper nutrition, and avoid unhealthy habits can enjoy their results for years to come.

Finding a Good Facelift Surgeon is Difficult

With all the available information and technology out their today, it can be daunting trying to find the right facelift surgeon for you. Here are a few key qualifications you should look for in a facelift surgeon:

Dr. Todd Hobgood of Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has been performing facelifts and other facial procedures on thousands of patients over the past fourteen years. His practice is devoted solely to facial plastic surgery and he specializes in many surgical procedures. Dr. Hobgood offers several different ways to rejuvenate the face and create a more youthful appearance that is unique to the patient. His patients and their goals are always important and are always involved throughout the entire surgical process.

To schedule a patient consultation with Dr. Hobgood, contact Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery at (480) 418-6415 today.

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