Does Facial Fat Transfer Work?

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In recent years, we have been bombarded with information, mostly non-scientific, relating to the transfer of one’s own fat cells into the face as the “cure-all” for aging. But does facial fat transfer really work?

Below, we’ll answer common questions about facial fat transfer, from whether it works to what recovery is like, so you can get an idea of whether it might be right for you.

Does It Really Work?

To understand whether facial fat transfer truly works, it’s important to consider what it’s trying to accomplish—a fresher, more youthful-looking face. What makes your appearance youthful?

  • Natural highlights at the brow, cheek, and chin.
  • A forehead and cheek complex that frames the eyes and mouth and is free of shadows.
  • Skin that’s smooth and supple.

Volume restoration is often needed to achieve these effects, especially as thinner patients can take on an overdrawn and tight appearance as they age. Facial fat transfer works very well for this purpose, adding the volume people need to plump sunken or hollow areas of the face. And there are other benefits that make facial fat transfer an exciting option for many people.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer?

First, facial fat transfer is a very natural and safe facial rejuvenation approach. We use liposuction to remove and harvest unwanted fat from other areas of the patient’s body and carefully transfer it back into the face to restore volume and minimize creases.

In addition to its effectiveness, other key facial fat transfer benefits include:

  • It’s a minimally invasive approach.
  • Nothing foreign is injected into the body.
  • It’s an outpatient procedure that requires only local anesthesia.
  • It achieves real, natural, and long-lasting results.
  • It can complement other procedures, such as a facelift and eyelid surgery.
Facelift Before & After Photo | Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ | Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery: Todd Hobgood, MD
Before & After Fat Transfer & Facelift Surgery
Facelift Before & After Photo | Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ | Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery: Todd Hobgood, MD
Before & After Fat Transfer & Facelift Surgery

Am I a Good Candidate For Facial Fat Transfer?

Patients are candidates for fat grafting if they:

  • Require 10 or more cc (cubic centimeters) of volume replacement, and/or
    the patient requires volume replacement that is being harvested for other purposes (such as liposuction) and elects to have this placed into depressions in the face
  • Have areas of the face that appear sunken or creased
  • Are seeking a more long-term solution than fillers
  • Have realistic expectations about the procedure and its potential results
  • Are in good overall health

What Can I Expect With Facial Fat Transfer Recovery and Results?

Recovery from facial fat transfer is straightforward and requires minimal aftercare. Some patients experience minor side effects such as redness, swelling, or tightness at both the liposuction and fat transfer sites. These effects diminish after a few days. Usually, patients can return to work and resume their normal activities 3 to 5 days after the procedure. Facial fat transfer results are immediately visible and have the potential to be permanent if you take good care of your skin.

In summary, I love this technique—and my patients appreciate their real, natural results. Like any cosmetic procedure, proper patient selection and counseling are paramount to a predictable and positive facial fat transfer outcome. If you want more youthful, radiant skin, I encourage you to request a consultation or call us at (480) 214-9955 to schedule an appointment.

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