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Second Times a Charm- Keys to Revision Rhinoplasty

Second Times a Charm? Keys of Revision Rhinoplasty Many patients do not realize the complexity of the surgical nose job, or rhinoplasty. Rates of revision in this country average about 15%, clearly much more than most facial plastic surgical procedures. When considering the cost, down time, and recovery involved, one would assume that these patients …

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Sunscreens are Updated by the FDA

Sunscreen Updates: The FDA Releases New Standards in the Sunscreen Market Our patients are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery of Scottsdale, Arizona is in the heart the sunshine state. We enjoy truly sun-filled days most of our year and need to consider the …

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What is the Mini Facelift, MACS Facelift, S Lift, Life Facelift?

These days, we have seen that patients work longer in their careers, have more daily responsibilities, and simply can’t tolerate extended down time. This has driven surgeons back to exploring less invasive facelifts. It can be confusing for the potential patient, although it shouldn’t be. All of these surgical procedures are essentially identical and involve …

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Earring Piercing Gone Wrong

I am often asked about reduction in the size of a previous piercing or even reduction in the size of an earlobe. Essentially all ear lobe problems can be corrected but can often be more involved than one might expect. Torn earlobes are probably the most common issue we see. Clearly it is much simpler …

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Does Fat Grafting Work?

Over the last five years, we have been bombarded with information, mostly non-scientific, relating to the transfer of one's own fat cells into the face as the "cure-all" for aging. Does this work? First, in theory, this is a very natural and safe approach to move back toward the youthful heart-shaped face. The most youthful …

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