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How Ear Surgery Can Help You or Your Child

About 5 percent of the population suffers from prominent ears, a condition that is genetically inherited and causes the individual to have ears that are overly large and/or stick out from the side of the head. It is a great source of discomfort and insecurity in these individuals, especially when they’re children. They are often …

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Understanding the Difference Between Facial Lift Procedures

There are many surgical options available to enhance or improve your facial appearance and counter the effects of aging. From fillers to reconstructive procedures, cosmetic surgeons can provide the optimal experience to get the desired results. Of all the procedures available, facial lifts are among the most common performed.At Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery, there are …

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Is Facebook Changing our Faces?

Facebook Changes our Faces? Recent evaluations of the numbers of cosmetic procedures performed shows an interesting trend away from surgical body altering procedures while more surgeries are being performed on the face and neck. Why are patients increasingly interested in facial plastic surgery? While no one can be certain, there is increasing evidence that social …

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